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Cabin In the Woods

I decided to see if I could build a house from scratch by myself during COVID. We all had our projects...

Personal  |  February 13
Curse Lightning Suitcase
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The Curse of the Lightning Suitcase

My kids wanted to create a more elaborate tale than their previous videos, so we set out to make a trilogy about a cursed suitcase. This is part 1.

Personal  |  October 25
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A Little Goat Adventure

We got 3 little goats, Stu, Andy, & Tony... and a couple DIY home projects at the same time.

Personal  |  July 14
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Back patio Area Update (Fence)

I tore out a ton of invasive raspberries and decided to put in a fence with some chicken wire on it to hold back the remaining vegetation. Took about 5 days total to tackle it all.

Personal  |  September 07
Patio Area 1
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Patio Update (+Vines!)

I finally finished up the patio area with some gravel lock, and also started the daunting task of taking on the invasive oriental bittersweet vine on my lot.

Personal  |  July 16
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Inception Analysis: My Case For Reality

A very long and very nerdy breakdown of just why I think the final "layer" of the movie Inception is indeed reality. This is another super-old blog post that still gets traffic to this day so I'm republishing here for my fellow Nolan-heads. Especially since TENET is coming out soon, maybe Inception will get some more love retroactively.

Article  |  July 08
Mac Vs. PC
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Mac vs. PC, a designer’s take

This is a (very) old blog post that still gets traffic to this day so I'll republish it here. It's a seasoned Graphic Designer's take on the whole Mac vs. PC debate. My preference is very much for PC, and in this article I explain why in detail.

Article  |  July 08
Site launch
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New Site Launched

I still have some work to push in here, but I figured it's better to launch now than to wait with how hectic things have been...

Work  |  June 25
Existing patio + hot tub project from last year
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More home projects…

Taking another pass at the back patio area I started last year...

Personal  |  June 11