How Society Sets Your Preferences

Sources / Additional Reading The Rules of Everything (Pt. 1) - How Simple Ratios Dictate Your Preferences The Rules of Everything (Pt. 3) - The Surprising Simplicity of Ratios In Effective Design Douglas Hofstadter - I Am A Strange Loop Will Schoder - You Are A Strange Loop The Self Illusion - Why There's No 'You' Inside Your Head - Prof Bruce Hood

Key Takeaways

  • SIMPLE RATIOS: Dominate most of our preferences in color, form, layout, & music.
  • ASK WHY: The root cause of why something is happening is usually most important.
  • STAY OBJECTIVE: Try to avoid doing things because they “look cool.” Have a reason.
  • EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED: You can’t design in a vacuum. Previous design and societal cues drive most decisions.