New Site Launched

Site launch

I still have some work to push in here, but I figured it’s better to launch now than to wait with how hectic things have been. With the whole world going through some serious rearrangement due to COVID-19, my plan was to more aggressively put my work online, and post many things that were popular from 15+ years ago. My intention was that people seemed to like it back before all of the social media was a thing, and they’d probably like it now.

As I began to go back through older work and consolidate things together that I still wanted to show across all of the various social platforms I quickly realized that I have a somewhat varied presence across the different sites. As a result, if someone were to look only on YouTube they’d get a very different idea of the content I make than someone who follows me on Dribbble for example. With that in mind I wanted to relaunch my site more comprehensively and take all of my stuff from every discipline and aggregate it together in a way that’s easy to search and categorize.

Also, I’m hoping to use the site more as a running catalog of all my life’s projects, not just design ones as time goes on.