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Existing patio + hot tub project from last year

Taking another pass at the back patio area I started last year. Due to time (and material) constraints I ended up making the brick portion of the patio kind of a funky size that would facilitate holding the hot tub and letting people walk from the door. To fill in the rest of the area I ended up getting some pea gravel. Initially that seemed like a good idea to solve the dirt issue, but with two little kids and a lot of foot traffic the pea gravel became more of a nuisance than a help. The new plan is to frame in the sides, add in a pole with some hooks for towels and then use an epoxy or gravel lock to freeze the pea gravel in place and make it smooth.

I got about halfway done with the framing and got hit with a freak storm that put a pause on the work. Looks like a bomb went off, but I can see the other side of this project already. Should only be a couple more hours.

In process