Patio Update (+Vines!)

Patio Area 1

Minor update to the patio area. I was able to spray down some gravel lock on the pea gravel to stop it from moving. There were a couple reasons for this:

  • Stop it from kicking up onto the solid pavers, where it was very painful to step on (and annoying to clean up)
  • Prevent our two small children from picking it up and throwing it in the hot tub.
  • Keep it from spilling out all over the yard.

Afterward I took the small string of LED lights and ran them to the pole in the corner for a little mood lighting if you’re out there at night looking at the stars. Turned out about as I had hoped.

We have a lot of this invasive vine species, oriental bittersweet, all over our property. It ends up winding around all of the surrounding vegetation, killing the water supply, and blocking out the light. Eventually the trees underneath crack and fall under the weight. We lost half of a 200-ft maple to it last year which started this whole battle. So over by the barn last year I had cut a lot of vines and poisoned them with Triclopyr. This year it was very obvious what I had killed, but it still needed to be pulled down and burned up. It took about 7 hours, and left me completely wasted the following 2 days, but the results were like night and day.

Patio Area 2 Vines, Before Vines, During Vines, After