Serious Site Update

Fh Logo update

​My previous site was very much just a quick place to toss an occasional piece of work so that I had a place to link to when searching for jobs. That said, with this update of the site, I wanted to make it a lot more functional. As I’ve made more work, and different types of work, it’s been hard to keep it all sorted and curated under a common umbrella. With the launch of this format my intention is to keep it very up to date and serve both in terms of a common place to find my work I’ve done over the years but also personally for home projects, and general life updates.

In the future I also hope to continue to add to it with additional resources and links. My goal is to include some Freebies like fonts and texture maps as I get back into those types of work. We’ll see. It’s a work in progress. No time like the current in quarantine to focus on sprucing things up a bit. Our home has never been cleaner and more organized, so online felt like it could use a face-lift as well.

Included in the update is a site redesign, as well as some slight branding tweaks to little ‘ol Fictionalhead himself.