How Technology Acceleration Will Affect The Visual Arts

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Key Takeaways

  • LEARN NEW THINGS: What you do remains constant, how you do it changes frequently.
  • EMPATHIZE: Understand the importance of the customer-service side of a graphic design career.
  • BE EXCITED: You’re in a pivotal career which will define and shape how all of these tools evolve with us. That’s crazy.

Lecture Outline

  • Moore’s Law
  • The number of transistors on a chip doubles every year while the costs are halved
  • A transistor essentially allows or denies the passage of a current.
  • Predicted we will reach the physical limits of the universe around 2020 in terms of how small we can make them
  • Modern smartphones have 3-5 Billion transistors per chip in the phone
  • The Augmentation Age
  • Hunter-Gatherer Age (1,000,000 years—millions)
  • Agricultural Age (1,000 + years—thousands)
  • Industrial Age (100+ years—hundreds)
  • Information Age (10+ years—couple decades, 90’s-2000’s)
  • Augmentation Age (starting now)
  • Our Tools are Changing
  • They are no longer passive and require input directly from us
  • Tools are becoming generative with the help of AI / machine learning
  • You don’t get to decide how the general public interacts with this, so embrace it, get in front of it
  • What’s important is Understanding what things do.
  • Technology doesn’t have understanding that humans do. Empathy.
  • Technology is only as good as the information we provide it.
  • What is needed remains somewhat constant, how we make it has drastically changed.
  • Augmenting rather than replacing.
  • Designers will become conductors, rather than musicians.