The Prepress Feedback Loop, Understanding + Design

Sources / Additional Reading Parable Of The Talents The Matthew Effect The Halo Effect of Physical Attractiveness Meditations On Momentum Matthew Effect in Career Longevity Feedback Loop (Positive Feedback) Wealth Inequality in One Chart Woodblock Printing Gutenberg Press Instructional Gutenberg Press Example Linotype Old-timey Explainer 30-Years Ago - Before There Was Photoshop Linotype Film The Lost Art of Paste-Up Online Video Revolution YouTube Statistics for Marketers

Key Takeaways

  • CHANGE HAPPENS FAST: A lot has changed somewhat recently. Expect more change, and more often.
  • THOSE WHO HAVE EVERYTHING: Your role continues to absorb other duties. Expect more responsibilities.
  • THE BORING STUFF: The technical aspect of design has shifted to you. Just because it’s boring doesn’t mean you can skip it.
  • FEEDBACK: Everything expands until it is replaced by something else. Pay attention to industry shifts.

Lecture Outline:

  • To those who have everything, more will be given. This seems to be a rule baked into existence itself.
  • Reading proficiency
  • Exponential growth
  • Size of stars
  • Book sales
  • Halo & Horns Effect
  • Technological acceleration
  • Parenting children
  • The mass distribution of information behaves the same way
  • The amount of time between each development is decreasing rapidly